A slightly darker, Baroque take on folk sculpture

Jose Juan Garcia Aguilar comes from the world-renowned Aguilar family from the small town of Ocotlán de Morelos in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The family’s feat is no small thing given Oaxaca’s reputation for producing many of the best artisans Mexico has to offer in so many different fields. Ocotlán itself is home to … Continue reading A slightly darker, Baroque take on folk sculpture

Perfection not within sight, but within reach

Sergio Alberto Ortega Álvarez is a 33-year-old musician and stringed instrument maker, who is located in the small community of Ajusco, in the far south of the Federal District of Mexico City. Although born and raised here, Sergio’s specialty is the traditional music of the state of Veracruz and the Huasteca region, which extends from … Continue reading Perfection not within sight, but within reach

Monsters and pulque

  In Mexico, folk art is not limited to rural or indigenous communities. Although covered by hardly any artesanía publications, there are artisans in Mexico City and other urban areas, creating rather extraordinary works. Mexico City's borough of Iztapalapa is the entity's largest and most populous, often a landing zone for people migrating from other … Continue reading Monsters and pulque


Why? One thing that captures the attention of many foreigners here in Mexico is the wide range and depth of Mexico’s handcrafts and folk art tradition, nicely distinguished in Spanish with the word “artesanías.” This is not your primary school arts and crafts, or simple handmade decorations for a party. (Those are separated with the … Continue reading Why?