Huichol art at a major hotel in Polanco, Mexico City

The Presidente Intercontinental Hotel and Yawí Gallery are hosting its second Biennal of Huichol Art, with the inauguration of the exhibition and event starting on November 12th.

According to the events press release, the objective is to recognize Wixárika (Huichol) artists, who have great difficulty in getting their work to the proper markets from their communities in the Sierra Madre Occidental. When the Biennial was established, its goal was to make the art a “cultural reference” as “one of the most beautiful, significant and authentic expressions of Mexican identity.”

Inside Yawí Gallery in the historic center of Mexico City

The Biennial is focused on 30 high-quality large pieces and include those done in beads, “yarn painting,” embroidery and weaving. Large formats were stipulated for this event as they have greater impact.

The prize is $2,000 USD, with the winning piece chosen by a jury headed by Dr. Johannes Neurath with the National Museum of Anthropology and other experts. The Wixárika artists will be in attendance.

Yawí is an artistic project founded in 2012 by Wixárika artists to promote their art. They offer certification of authenticity, through its collaboration with the National Anthropology Museum. The gallery offers tours in six languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and Italian), with “benefits distributed directly to artists” according to their website. The beads used in the works are from the Czech Republic and certified as such.

The inauguration and exhibition are at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, located in the prestigious Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. The pieces will be on exhibit until December 5th with guided visits available.

More information is available at

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