To a job well done

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Cartoneros de la Ciudad de México organization for its staging of the 7th Festival de Cartonería during Holy Week in the Santa Maria la Ribera neighborhood of Mexico City. The event not only shows how far the annual event has come, but also how far … Continue reading To a job well done

A whale’s migration to Mexico City

The (relatively) new José Vasconcelos Library is a fascinating structure. Entering it, one feels enveloped in a maze of cages, evoking curiosity rather than a sense of entrapment. It is a testament to Mexico's visual acuity, even if (unfortunately) the expectations it raises are not matched by its book collection.  The building itself is a … Continue reading A whale’s migration to Mexico City

Children’s dolls for tourists

Mexico had, and to some extent still has, a tradition of traveling theatre, especially puppet shows for children. It is not surprising that I have found a significant number of artisans today who have some kind of connection with this theatre. Mariana Mayeb is one such artisan. She lives and works in a town called … Continue reading Children’s dolls for tourists