Silver in a cowboy town

Taxco, Guerrero is Mexico’s best-known silver smithing community, but the reality is that the working of this metal (as well as gold) has been done in numerous parts of the country. Mexico City’s Franz Mayer Museum has an important collection of colonial-era silverwork both for ecclesiastical and secular uses. Much of Mexico’s silver working did … Continue reading Silver in a cowboy town

Art and craftsmanship

While I understand Género Alejandro Moreno Ramirez's need to be taken seriously as an artist, it is a shame that his chosen media makes him a bit defensive. Many artists and artisans cross the very fuzzy lines among fine art, folk art and handcraft, often enriching all of the various pursuits. Famous examples include Diego … Continue reading Art and craftsmanship

Finding handcrafts among cowboys

Mexico’s major handcraft-producing states such as Oaxaca and Chiapas have known for some time the value of having their better handcrafts for sale at major cultural events. States such as these have events dedicated solely to handcraft traditions, but often one of the better ways to find authentic handcrafts is to attend other kinds of … Continue reading Finding handcrafts among cowboys

El maestro Trino Núñez

In a corner of Durango city’s main cultural center, the Casa de Cultura, works a quiet man whose humble appearance belies the impact he has had on this state’s handcrafts and art, especially ceramics. At seventy years old, Trinidad Núñez Quiñones (generally known simply as maestro Trino) appears a good 15 years younger. Long hair … Continue reading El maestro Trino Núñez