Painting life and spirituality

Leonor Chacón Vera greeted me at the door of her former home, now studio, wearing a Yucatan-style huipil and apron. The initial impression is that of a middle-aged housewife, but she is much more than that. Chacón is a survivor, an artist and fierce fighter for nascent artists in the state of Durango. Like most … Continue reading Painting life and spirituality

Crafts of the mountain people

The state of Durango has been multi-ethnic since well into the prehistoric period. Due to its geography, it has been a connection between Mesoamerica and what is now northwest Mexico and southwest US.  Today, there are several important indigenous groups: the Mexicaneros, the Tarahumara, the Huichol and the largest ethnicity, the Tepehuans. They are divided … Continue reading Crafts of the mountain people