Beads and baubles

Most artisans in Mexico live and work where there were born. There are interesting exceptions,  such as Gabriela Diaz and Oscar Becerra who have lived, created and taught abroad. Far less common, but just as interesting, are those foreigners who develop a passion for a particular handcraft here, such as the work of Argentinian Susana … Continue reading Beads and baubles

Semana Santa handcrafts

In case you do not have your plans set for the Holy Week vacation period here are some suggestions for this year.  Because it is such a major holiday season in Mexico, many tourist destination have events during this week, and many have a section dedicated to Mexican handcrafts, with actual artisans and often with … Continue reading Semana Santa handcrafts

With hands and heart – campaign for artisans

Reprinted from the Fundación Casa Azul blog with permission Have you ever seen an advertising campaign that recognizes artisans and their crafts? Actually, there are few celebrations around this topic. On March 19 is the Artisan’s Day in Mexico, date recognized by the National Fund for the Promotion of Fine Crats (FONART), since 2013. The actual … Continue reading With hands and heart – campaign for artisans

High tech for low tech…

Mexican handcrafts (artesanía) may have started as trades to produce items of utilitarian importance or, sometimes, the creation of products to be consumed only by certain classes of people (e.g. silverware). The Industrial Revolution took its toll on handcrafted items, wiping or nearly wiping them out worldwide. Where they do survive, it is because their … Continue reading High tech for low tech…