Hammers and crosses

Hammered metal existed in Mexico before the arrival of Columbus, but it was limited to gold and silver, with copper in its infancy. The Spanish introduced the mining and working of iron to Chiapas and the rest of Mexico. Today, traditional iron working in this state is concentrated in San Cristobal de las Casas, one … Continue reading Hammers and crosses

From living animals to a Jaguar Woman

It is often the assumption that all of Mexico's craftspeople are born into the profession, that is... from families that have been doing one kind of craft or another for generations This is indeed the case for many, but the call to be creative is deep in the Mexican psyche. This and Mexico's ever-changing economic … Continue reading From living animals to a Jaguar Woman

Growing pains at the Feria de Maestros

One of Creative Hand's first blog posts when we started 2 years ago covered the Feria de Maestros. This is a special handcraft fair in no small part because it sponsors participating artisans, paying their way to  the expat enclave of Lake Chapala, Jalisco and even housing them in local homes. While there are government … Continue reading Growing pains at the Feria de Maestros