Help for pottery and dogs

This story and plea was sent to me by an artisan friend Rita Resendiz of Mujeres Alfareros. In a cruel twist of irony, the workshop was founded because of the 1985 earthquake 32 years to the day before this latest tragedy. I simply decided to translate her words here. The original Spanish is down below. September … Continue reading Help for pottery and dogs


As you probably know, Mexico has had a major earthquake, which in a twist of cruel irony, comes 32 years to the day after the infamous 1985 event. Although "only" a 7.1 (the 1985 one was 8+), the epicenter was only a few hours drive away, not on the Pacific coast, which is the norm. … Continue reading Earthquakes…

Glass that was the base of an empire

  As you might remember from your grade-school science classes, obsidian is naturally-occurring volcanic glass. Most is jet black but there are varieties in green, gray, golden and even "rainbow." One of the musts for any visitor to the Mexico City area is a jaunt up to the archeological site of Teotihuacan, 2nd most important … Continue reading Glass that was the base of an empire

Growing venue for handcrafts and traditional cultures

The month of September is very important to Mexican artisans. This is the month that hosts Mexico's Independence Day (Sept 16) and the many outdoor events that are held during this time feature handcrafts (and food, of course). Last year we attended an event in the main square (Zocalo) of Mexico City with a rather … Continue reading Growing venue for handcrafts and traditional cultures