Planting alebrijes

Since Manuel Jimenez developed the first Oaxacan alebrijes in the 20th century, the carving of these colorful figures has become an economic lifeline for the poor, rural people of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca. In towns such as San Martin Tilcajete, almost everyone makes a living, in whole or in part, by carving and painting … Continue reading Planting alebrijes

Weaving in San Juan Cancuc, Chiapas

By Laramie Xico Garcia Nestled in a highland valley about an hour outside San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, lies the small community of San Juan Cancuc. The inhabitants are indigenous Maya and speak their indigenous language, mostly Tseltal. In the tradition of weaving and embroidery unique to each community, the people of San Juan Cancuc … Continue reading Weaving in San Juan Cancuc, Chiapas