Over 150 years of making equipal chairs

While there may be 300+ families making equipal chairs in the small town of Zacoalco, Jalisco, all of them know one particular family workshop, that of José Reyes Laguna Anica. Maestro Laguna’s family has been making equipal chairs and other furniture is the same home workshop for over 150 years. The business was started by … Continue reading Over 150 years of making equipal chairs

Exhibition of the crafts of the south/southeast

El Sur/Sureste, su materia y su artesanía is the third and last of a series of temporary exhibitions at the Museo de Arte Popular, located near the Alameda Central in Mexico City. The series aims to highlight the connection between Mexico's biodiversity (one of the greatest in the world) and its variety of handcrafts. The … Continue reading Exhibition of the crafts of the south/southeast

Electronics to paper mache

In general, handcrafts are strongly distinguished from art, although both are creative. In Mexico, that division is not always so rigid. In fact, there are three categories: arte (art), with what we generally call "handcrafts" divided into two important categories "artesanía" and "manualidades."  Both artesanía and manualidades are items created by hand in a non-industrial … Continue reading Electronics to paper mache

Artisans’ Day Mexico 2017

March 19th is Artisan Day (Día de Artesanos), when the country celebrates its artisans and handcrafting heritage. This heritage is strongest in areas where indigenous and colonial-era culture has been best-preserved. LtoR: Talavera pottery, wood toys and a silversmith polishing at the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares The majority of cultural institutions related to handcrafts and/or … Continue reading Artisans’ Day Mexico 2017

La Guina

Ojo Seco is a typical rural community in southern Guanajuato. With only around 2,000 people it is built around an old hacienda and its economic identity still centers around the raising of cattle and goats, with one of the main landmarks in the center of town being the communal watering trough. The town holds no … Continue reading La Guina

Black clay as art

While the town of San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca has a number of notable artisans who work with its famous barro negro, two names are absolutely essential. Doña Rosa, profiled earlier in this blog, and Carlomagno Pedro Martinez. Doña Rosa may have invented and popularized the now-dominant technique  which makes the finished product a highly-polished black, … Continue reading Black clay as art