“My little brown one”

One apparant trend among those who make dolls is to make a series of them. Each doll is individually-made but there is a common element among them to create a brand identity. These are usually commercial ventures such as with the Yucatan enterprise "Aluxin" and "Original Friends" out of Jalisco. Morenita Mia is a little … Continue reading “My little brown one”

A little context to the Tultepec fireworks disaster

Last week a disaster in Tultepec, State of Mexico made international headlines. On December 20, 2016, during the busy Christmas season, fire and explosions ripped through the San Pablito fireworks market, just north of Mexico City. Latest news reports indicate at least 35 dead and about 60 injured. This is not the first time there … Continue reading A little context to the Tultepec fireworks disaster

Rural embroidery in an industrial state

Most foreigners who have some some idea of Mexico's indigenous peoples are still  unlikely to know who the Mazahua are. One reason for this is that their communities are not located in areas such as Chiapas and Oaxaca, which use images from their indigenous communities to attract tourists, but rather in a state also called Mexico … Continue reading Rural embroidery in an industrial state

Old and new traditions in Jalisco

Mexico has a myriad of local pottery styles, with a number regions having national and internationally-known varieties. One of these is the state of Jalisco, mostly concentrated in an area just southeast of Guadalajara proper. Most Jalisco pottery is of two types, "traditional" and the more modern high-fire. Although there was pottery here in the … Continue reading Old and new traditions in Jalisco


Most of the artisans I have met are relatively shy, happy to talk about their work but are not usually known for their personalities or charisma.... but there are always exceptions. In the developing national community of paper maché (cartonería) artisans in central Mexico, if you mention one artisan's nickname "Torito" (literally "little bull"), you … Continue reading Torito!!!!

A sugar cane hacienda and UNICEF greeting cards

It's interesting when you come upon something in Mexico that you had no idea was from Mexico. In the small state of Colima on Mexico's west coast, there is a small "Pueblo Mágico" called Comala, near the state capital. It is a small agricultural town, known for its white buildings, many of which have been … Continue reading A sugar cane hacienda and UNICEF greeting cards