Mojiganga! 2016

Last month this blog introduced the Mojiganga event and its creative forms using cartoneria. The 2016 version took place on Sunday 25 September in Zacaulapan, Morelos. The entire parade was just uploaded into YouTube: Two of the better-known "comparsas" (similar to the krews of New Orleans Mardi Gras) did not disappoint. Zacualpan Mágico feature extremely … Continue reading Mojiganga! 2016

High fire in a low fire town

Luis Manuel Morales Gamez comes from a long line of pottery makers, five generations. His father Miguel Morales popularized a style of decoration with black line figures on a cream white background, in which his sister, Angelica Morales, excels. Manuel continues in ceramics but has moved into a different direction, the making of high-fire, ceramics … Continue reading High fire in a low fire town

One man’s junk…can become an important museum

For Mexican handcrafts enthusiasts, one must-see museum is the Franz Mayer, located on the northwest corner of the historic center of Mexico City. Interestingly enough, it is not a handcrafts museum per se (like the nearby Museo de Arte Popular). Instead it specializes in decorative arts, mostly from Mexico but there are pieces from other … Continue reading One man’s junk…can become an important museum

A pottery which has not changed for generations

Talavera pottery is one of Mexico's finest and most expensive ceramics, endemic to the state of Puebla. It is derived from a style of Spanish pottery (hence the name) and its value is attributed to a rigourous selection of clays and handcrafted processes from the 16th century. However, buying authentic Talavera is not easy. The … Continue reading A pottery which has not changed for generations

“Corny” and “gloomy”

Tepotzotlan is a small corner of colonial Mexico hidden just off the highway leaving Mexico City to Querétaro. It is surrounded by a sea of grey cinderblock contruction, shopping centers and warehouses, but its center has maintained some of its former glory, mostly due to the National Viceroyalty Museum, formerly a church and monastrery of … Continue reading “Corny” and “gloomy”