Monsters glowing in the dark

Many Mexican handcraft traditions evolve and modernize, mostly due to the changes in market. But that is not always the case. The making of coloful, fantastic monsters called alebrijes is a relatively newcomer to Mexican handcrafts, with two major variations... those made of hard paper mache (cartoneria) usually with parts from more than one real … Continue reading Monsters glowing in the dark

Not all Mexican handcrafts have centuries-old designs

  ENART, the Exposición Nacional de Artículos de Regalo y Decoración Artesanal Mexicana (National Expo of Mexican Gift and Decorative Items) is a bi-annual event to promote Mexican handcrafted items. However, it is a bit different from most other events of its type. Held at the El Refugio Cultural Center in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, it is not … Continue reading Not all Mexican handcrafts have centuries-old designs

The woman behind the colors

The Gutierrez family workshop in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca is one of many which weave wool rugs and other textiles in the town... about 75% are involved in this cottage industry in some way. However, the Gutierrezes have stood out for both Porfirio's sense of design and sister Juana's ability with natural dyes. Porfirio has received much … Continue reading The woman behind the colors

From the painting to the frame

Rocio Edith Pindter Ortiz is an artist and artisan from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. She began her career after graduating  Universidad de Guadalajara with a degree in fine arts in 1985, mostly in graphic work and painting canvases with themes for children. Originally from Mexico City, Pindter moved to San Miguel, and in the … Continue reading From the painting to the frame

A toy legend

Maybe the word "legend" seems a bit too promotional, but there really is no other to describe 83-year-old Gumercindo España's position and reputation in the Mexican handcrafts world, especially in Guanajuato. He is called Sshinda (not a typo) or Chinda, often with the honorific "Don," by just about everyone, from his great grandchildren to governmental … Continue reading A toy legend

Evolving traditions, evolving handcrafts

In other parts of Mexico, the word "mojiganga" refers to giant puppet-like figures worn by dancers, such as those made by Hermes Arroyo in San Miguel Allende. The word actually can both a  puppet and a kind of festival, which most often is a secular street festival or parade, with the purpose of providing levity … Continue reading Evolving traditions, evolving handcrafts

Chatino Textiles from Oaxaca at Santa Fe Trunk Show

By Norma Schafer The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market runs from Friday night to Sunday afternoon the second weekend of July each year. Festivities start days in advance with galleries and retail shops all over town featuring artisan trunk shows from various parts of the world. (Mark your 2017 calendar for July 14, 15, 16) … Continue reading Chatino Textiles from Oaxaca at Santa Fe Trunk Show