Nativity scenes of Mexico

Although the Christmas tree has made serious inroads into the country, nativity scenes are the traditional centerpieces of the Mexican Christmas season. Here are photos of folk art and other nativity scenes that my husband and I have taken over the years.

Nativity scene in the church of Santo Domingo in the city of Oaxaca
Overview of a mega nativity scene set up in the main plaza of the city of Oaxaca
Child Jesus figure dressed as the Archangel of Paz at a display at the San Francisco Church in Mexico City
Nativity scene from San Agustin Oapan, Guerrero
Nativity with clay figurines from Santa Maria Aztompa, Oaxaca
Seashell nativity scene by Socorro Sanchez of Mexico City
Child Jesus figure in Tzotil (Chiapas) garb by Linda Lavin
Large nativity scene with clay figures from Oaxaca
Part of a nativity scene in the plaza behind the Torre Latino Americana in the historic center of Mexico City


Nativity scene in front of the parish chruch of Santiago Zapotitlan in the Tlahuac borough of Mexico City



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