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Welcome to the Creative Hands of Mexico site. This blog is run by Leigh Thelmadatter, an author, researcher and teacher in Mexico for over 16 years.

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About the blogger

Leigh Thelmadatter has lived in Mexico since 2003. What started out as a hobby to improve her Spanish and general knowledge of Mexico has bloomed into collaborations with people and organizations all over Mexico. Writing and photographing places, handcrafts, artists and other fascinating people has given her and her husband, Alejandro Linares Garcia, experiences that no tourist could even imagine.

Her focus has shifted to getting as much information available in English, especially in print, in part to counter the negative that seems to dominate the media coverage of Mexico, but also because after 15+ years, Mexico continues to surprise and charm.

Born 1964 in Bayshore NY, she has BAs in linguistics and Spanish as a MA in TESOL. Before going solo, she worked for the Tec de Monterrey for 15 years, and prior to that had about 10 years experience teaching English and writing in the United States.

She currently lives and works in Mexico City and will be there as long as the country lets her!

Blog posts…

Huichol art at a major hotel in Polanco, Mexico City

The Presidente Intercontinental Hotel and Yawí Gallery are hosting its second Biennal of Huichol Art, with the inauguration of the exhibition and event starting on November 12th. According to the events press release, the objective is to recognize Wixárika (Huichol) artists, who have great difficulty in getting their work to the proper markets from their … Continue reading Huichol art at a major hotel in Polanco, Mexico City